Norumbega Associates is excited to introduce to you the PK-30 Partition System. The PK-30 System is a meticulously designed and engineered aluminum glazing framework system providing a flexible, beautiful, environmentally friendly and cost effective way to divide interior space. It is suitable for both residential, professional, academic and commercial interiors and can be used in widely varying configurations including sliding doors, hinged doors, pocket doors, folding walls and fixed panels. 

The system accepts any 1/4" or 1/2" thick panel material allowing unlimited design choices. 

Components are extruded from high-grade 6000 series aluminum alloy with a 62% recycled content, allowing narrow profiles that are rigid and lightweight. Satin anodized finishing gives the material a soft sheen that resists corrosion and is easy to clean. PPG Duracron liquid electrostatic extrusion coating finishing may be specified and is available in a wide range of color options. 

The PK-30 system is environmentally friendly. Having up to 62% recycled content, the PK-30 System Partitions can help your project qualify for up to 2 points in the category, MRc4. All PK-30 System's products are local based manufactured in Stone Ridge, New York, thus qualifying your project for 2 LEED points in section MRc5, "Regional Materials." 

For more information please visit  PK-30 System.